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I’ve been asked to run for mayor.

I accepted the charge because Arlington needs a leader who will listen.  City Hall should be responsive to average citizens, protect property rights, and build upon our local economy to include technology and renewable energy.

When the residents of Arlington voted overwhelmingly to pass term limits, we were excited. Citizens from every neighborhood of our city,

and from every political viewpoint, realized that our common purpose could serve as a foundation for something much greater.

By challenging the status quo, we sent a message that the moral integrity of our local government matters to us all.  We also found ourselves in deep discussions about the future of Arlington.

City leadership also sent a powerful message by taking steps to

undo the ordinance.

We have a great city. It can be greater – safer, more affordable, more livable, and friendlier to small business and all our neighborhoods.

Considering all that we have accomplished together,

I believe Arlington can aim higher. 


Here's what news outlets are saying about

Ruby Faye Woolridge!

Decades of inspired community service make Ruby Faye Woolridge the best choice over four first-time candidates in the Democratic primary for the 6th Congressional District.” 


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